Career Platform

Career Platform

The AbroadEd online Career Platform takes the work out of searching for relocation job opportunities, by automating the job search process for you, saving you time and effort.

All you need to do is complete your AbroadEd online profile with details about your education, work experience and other factors, and then our Career Platform will start sending you postings for job vacancies that match your personal profile.

You can choose which job openings to apply for, but keep in mind that the more applications you submit, the more chances you have to receive a job interview and, hopefully, an offer of employment.

In many countries, securing an offer of employment is the key to applying for relocation as a temporary or permanent resident.

DISCLAIMER: The AbroadEd Career Platform is a tool that facilitates searching for jobs that match your personal profile. AbroadEd does not guarantee that you will receive a job offer and does not provide you with offers of employment. The employer with whom you apply for a posted job opening will decide whether to contact you or to offer you a job. AbroadEd does not guarantee to find you employment in Canada or any other country. The Career Platform is one of many tools available to you that can facilitate your search for employment, but it does not replace your own job search activities. Please note that AbroadEd does not provide or offer any kind of assistance or advice regarding immigration and does not grant any kind of visa or work permit.