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Since 2012, AbroadEd (www.abroaded.com) has been offering innovative educational products that give people around the world flexible learning options that could improve their employment opportunities at home or abroad.

Our mission at AbroadEd is to make it convenient and affordable for anyone who wants to increase their knowledge, learn new skills or enhance their career choices, to have easy access to flexible online educational resources and other beneficial tools.

We make available to you quality educational products to:

Furthermore, our online Career Platform facilitates the search for relocation jobs in top expat destinations.

AbroadEd offers you the keys to success with its affordable online programs which can unlock the doors to opportunities!

Innovative Products to Enhance Your Career


Innovative software will help you to learn
English, French or other languages


Study for the IELTS exam or single-subject courses.


Read about living and working in top expat destinations, such as Canada.


Matching your profile with job openings is simplified with our Career Platform.

AbroadEd – A Name You Can Trust

For over a decade, AbroadEd has been providing educational products to thousands of people worldwide.

Our customers are as diverse as the world we live in, yet, they share a common desire to learn something new, to achieve ambitious goals, to maximize their potential in life.
Regardless of a person’s socioeconomic status, education offers access to opportunities.

As the famous American Founding Father and scholar, Benjamin Franklin, once wrote, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

When you learn a new language or receive an education, you are investing in your life and your future.

Knowing more than one language and possessing a post-secondary education can set you apart from others in the global competition for the top talent to fill the best jobs and can lead to a higher salary.

Your language skills and educational credentials can also provide pathways for relocation abroad, to live and work in Canada, the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand or other prosperous countries that are seeking skilled immigrants for millions of job openings.

For example, there is work in Canada available to thousands of skilled immigrants who have good English or French language skills and the relevant post-secondary education needed to fill high-demand Canadian jobs.

AbroadEd offers third-party software that can help you learn or improve your English and French language abilities, as well as online educational courses to prepare to take the IELTS exam or learn about business law, business process management, entrepreneurship or other subjects.

Disclaimer: Although AbroadEd provides this general information on its website and offers educational products that can benefit people interested in relocation abroad, it does not make available immigration or legal advice and services.

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