4 Easy Steps for Receiving a Student Visa

Study Abroad Evaluation


Submit an application with your details and we will provide you with an assessment of your best options for study abroad programs that match your personal profile and preferences. Our team of experienced experts will consider your preferences, but will also provide you other relevant options in your study abroad evaluation.

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Study Abroad Selection


During the second stage of the process, you will select the specific educational institutions and programs in the cities where you want to study abroad. You will also start gathering the documents that are required to apply for the educational programs that you selected as well as the documents that will be needed for your student visa application.

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Application Submission


The third stage is the complete preparation and submission of your application(s) for the study abroad program(s) that you selected. After you receive your Letter of Acceptance from the educational institution, our team of authorized experts will guide you through the process to prepare and submit your application for a student visa. 

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Get Your Student Visa


Congratulations on receiving your student visa! Stage Four is where you actually get your student visa and start making preparations for your education and long-term travel  to study abroad. If there are any problems, our experienced team of experts will provide guidance and assist you towards finalizing your student visa process. GOOD LUCK!

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Where would you like to study abroad?

For those seeking the right recipe for a successful future full of possibilities, Canada has all the right ingredients!  Canada welcomes international students and immigrants from around the globe and is famous for being a beautiful, prosperous, peaceful country, with an excellent education system, strong economy, and high standard of living!

Vancouver, CA

Vancouver is a scenic seaside city located along Canada’s Pacific Coast in British Columbia. In addition to its highly-rated educational programs and many outdoor activities, Vancouver boasts a booming economy, including a thriving film & television industry and technology sector. Vancouver is also ranked as the #6 most livable city in the world.

Toronto, CA

Toronto, Canada’s largest city, sits next to Lake Ontario not far from Niagara Falls in the province of Ontario. This multicultural metropolis is the world’s #7 most livable city, has top educational institutions, and many entertainment options. The Greater Toronto Area hosts major technology and financial firms and produces around 20% of Canada’s GDP.

Distance Learning

Distance Learning programs allow you to receive a quality university education at an affordable price in the convenience of your own home. Study online at your own pace for an undergraduate or graduate degree from a university in the USA or UK. There’s even an option to complete the final year of your British degree program on-campus in the UK!

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