4 Easy Steps for Receiving a Student Visa

Study Abroad Pre-Assessment


Submit an application with your details and we will provide you with your best options on study abroad programs and student visas that match your personal profile and preferences. Our results will consider your preferences but will also provide you other relevant options.

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Student Visa Type


The second stage of the application process will provide you with specific details on the countries and cities, institutions and educational courses that match your profile. This stage will determine which Student Visa application route you need to focus your plans on for an education abroad.

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Finalization of your Application


The third stage is the complete preparation and submission of your Student Visa Application. We help you prepare all the necessary information to submit a timely and complete application for a study abroad program to the country, city, school and curriculum that best fits your profile.

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Get Your Student Visa


Congratulations on receiving your Student Visa! Stage Four is where you actually get your Student Visa and start making preparations for your education and long term travel abroad. If there are any problems, we will interject and assist you towards finalizing your Student Visa. GOOD LUCK!

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Australia, United Kingdom, Canada or New Zealand ?

Australia ranks among the very top places on the planet! Australia is a great place to live because it provides its residents one of the highest standards of living to be found anywhere on Earth and it is an incredibly beautiful country with much to see and do.

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If you are considering obtaining an excellent education overseas in a stable democracy with a fascinating history, much to see and do, and easy access to all that Europe has to offer, you should definitely consider the United Kingdom (U.K.).

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For those seeking the right recipe for a successful future full of possibilities, Canada has all the right ingredients!  Canada is a huge, beautiful country that has one of the highest standards of living on the planet, including three of the world’s top ten “Most Livable Cities.”

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You can join approximately 100,000 international students who are “getting a taste” of the awesome New Zealand laidback lifestyle while receiving an excellent education and having fun in the process! It is a Friendly, Scenic, Safe Place to Enjoy Life!

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