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Benjamin Franklin


About AbroadEd

Since 2012, AbroadEd has been offering innovative educational products that give people
around the world flexible learning options that could improve their employment opportunities at home or abroad.

Our mission at AbroadEd is to make it convenient
and affordable for anyone who wants to increase their knowledge, learn new skills or enhance their career choices to have easy access to flexible online educational resources and other beneficial tools.

We make available to you quality educational products to:

Additionally, our online Career Platform facilitates the search for jobs in top expat destinations.


Innovative software will help you to learn
English, French or other languages


Study for the IELTS exam or single-subject courses.


Read about top expat destinations, such as Canada.


Matching your profile with job openings is simplified with our Career Platform.

Learn Languages

AbroadEd provides third-party software that makes learning
foreign languages fun for the whole family.

You can learn or enhance your language skills whenever it is
convenient for you using a smartphone, tablet, laptop or
home computer.

Several major languages are available, such as English,
French, Spanish, German and Arabic.

Online Distance Learning

AbroadEd is proud to offer you flexible online distance learning courses that give you the freedom to study whenever and wherever you choose.

Stand alone courses are available to help you get ready to take the IELTS exam or to gain knowledge about business law, business process management, entrepreneurship or other subjects!

Educational E-Books

If you want to learn about Canada or another popular expat destination, AbroadEd has informative e-Books that answer your questions about relevant subjects such as Canadian employment; healthcare for your family; educational opportunities; points of interest; and other topics.

Career Platform

The AbroadEd Career Platform takes the work out of searching for job opportunities.

You may be looking for employment abroad, while simultaneously, there are also employers who are trying to find qualified foreign workers like you to fill job vacancies that they have.

Our online Career Platform automates the job search process for you, saving you time and effort, by providing you with job postings that you can easily apply for.

In many countries, such as Canada, securing an offer of employment is the key to applying for temporary or permanent residence.

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