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UK College Online provides flexible online academic programmes that can allow you to receive a British diploma and university degree while balancing your education, work, family and other commitments. UK College Online’s academic programmes make it easy and affordable for you to earn a Bachelor’s Degree or Master’s Degree at your own pace, while saving money compared with many traditional education pathways. You can conveniently complete most of your coursework online in a virtual classroom, guided by qualified instructors and supported by experienced tutors. After you finish the first part of your academic programme with UK College Online, you will receive a recognised British diploma and have the opportunity to transfer to a university in the UK in order to finish your academic programme online or on-campus and receive your BA or MBA degree!


Learning Process

UK College Online makes it easy and affordable to obtain a post-secondary education through its convenient distance learning programmes. Educational materials and activities are provided online through modern delivery methods so that the learning process will be both cost effective and engaging for students. You can study courses online from a variety of academic programmes leading to a recognised British qualification in:

• Business and Management

• Finance and Accounting

• Sales and Marketing

• Leadership and Team Working

• Hotel and Hospitality Management

• Information Technology and Computing

• Business Strategic Management

Simply choose your preferred academic programme; study the modules for each course; finish multiple choice exams and written assignments online; earn university credits; and receive your British diploma. After you complete your UK College Online academic programme, you will have the option to apply for transfer to an accredited “top-up” university that partners with UK College Online in order to continue your education and earn your undergraduate or graduate degree.

Advantages of UK College Online

Distance learning through UK College Online offers you several great advantages:

Flexible Online Courses – Enjoy the convenience of studying at your own speed: anytime, anywhere! You have the option to study at a slower pace while you work and/or continue your normal daily activities; however, you can also choose to move forward at a faster rate to complete your academic programme in less time. Since courses are made available online, you have the flexibility to study from any location in the world where you have internet access.

Affordable Education – Taking online courses is generally less expensive than attending university in person on campus. Therefore, you can save a lot of money by completing the first part of your degree programme through distance learning with UK College Online and then transferring to an accredited university in the United Kingdom to complete your BA or MBA degree online or on-campus.

Global Network – When you study online, you still get to interact with students from various countries through the UK College Online social learning forum, webinars, workshops held in London or additional means. The connections that you establish with other students can expand your global network and could boost your career opportunities in the future.

Personal Support – The dedicated team at UK College Online will assist you in reaching your educational goals. An experienced tutor will provide you with personal support to assist you in solving challenges that may arise and to facilitate meeting your graduation timeline.

Recognised British Diploma – UK College Online is approved by Awards for Training and Higher Education (ATHE) and QUALIFI, which are two official recognition agencies in the United Kingdom. After you successfully complete your academic programme with UK College Online, you will receive a British diploma that is approved by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (OFQUAL), which is a UK governmental department that regulates higher education in England.

Several University Pathways – When you finish your UK College Online academic programme, you will receive a British post-secondary qualification and have a variety of university pathways to choose from in order to complete the undergraduate or graduate programme requirements and be awarded the Bachelor’s Degree or MBA Degree (as relevant) from an accredited “top-up” university in the United Kingdom or other country such as Australia, Canada or the United States. 

If you possess the motivation to learn and the drive to succeed, the team at UK College Online is ready to help you achieve your educational goals.

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