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Millions of individuals from around the globe are deciding to receive an international education outside of their home country every year. For example, there were more than 4.6 million international students attending study abroad programs in various countries during 2017. The top destinations for international students in 2017 included the United States, United Kingdom, China, Australia, France, Canada, Germany, and Russia. The number of students studying abroad is forecast to increase from approximately 5 million in 2018 to around 7 million by 2022.

Why are millions of international students from every region of the world deciding to live and study abroad, rather than attend educational programs in their own country?

Why Attend a Study Abroad Program?

The reasons for attending a study abroad program are as different as the individuals choosing to receive an overseas education and as diverse as the number of locations and schools offering a range of study abroad programs. International students are often motivated to study overseas by a desire to obtain an excellent, world-class education and the related hope to use their education to find a good job. Others are seeking an interesting, cross-cultural exchange or overseas adventure by living and studying in a foreign country. Some international students simply want to enjoy living in a country that has a better standard of living than their home country. Often, there are combinations of these or other reasons that account for why people prefer to participate in a study abroad program rather than attend an educational program in their own country. Whatever their individual motives or specific goals, an international student can experience the time of their life while also investing in an education and relationships that can reap benefits that last a lifetime!

Study Abroad in Canada!

Some of the most popular study abroad programs are found in Canada. For example, there were around 572,415 international students from practically every point on the planet living and studying in Canada during 2018. This is an amazing 60% increase from the approximately 350,000 international students studying in Canada during 2015. Why are hundreds of thousands of international students from around the world deciding to participate in study abroad programs in Canada?

Canada is one of the top destinations for international students for several reasons.

First, English and French are the official languages in Canada, which makes it possible for many overseas students with adequate English or French language abilities to attend a Canadian study abroad program. For many students who want to learn the English or French language, Canada is a great places to study and practice these popular international languages.

Second, Canada is a popular destination for international students because it offers a range of excellent study abroad programs, whether to study and practice the English or French language in a country where it is spoken; attend college or university at world-class schools; or learn a trade or enhance vocational skills.

Third, Canada is a great place to live, study and work. Canada boasts a high standard of living; is a multicultural democracy that protects human rights and freedoms; is ranked as one of the most peaceful and prosperous countries in the world; and there is much to see and do in Canada (e.g., incredible cities; spectacular scenery; historical and cultural sites, etc.). Fourth, international students and their spouses are allowed to work (according to certain conditions) in Canada.

Finally, there is a possibility to apply for permanent residency and/or a temporary work visa to Canada after completing a study abroad program (depending on the your education, skills, work experience and other factors).

These are just some of the major reasons why Canada attracts over 260,000 international students annually.

If you also want to enjoy living and studying Canada, you likely want to find out which study abroad program you are best-suited to apply for and what you need to do in order to make your dream of being an international student in Canada become a reality. This is where the team of experts at AbroadEd can help. We collaborate with experienced professionals who can use their expertise in this field to evaluate your eligibility for various study abroad programs available in Canada. AbroadEd also works with authorized immigration consultants who can guide you throughout each step of the process to apply for a Canadian study permit (which is usually required) until the study permit (i.e., student visa) is issued and you are ready to take off on your overseas educational adventure!

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