The Process

Student Visa Process

You’re now just four steps away from an international education! Many people across the globe dream of studying overseas in another country and experiencing the adventure of a lifetime, but not everyone actually sees their dream come true. Applying to go to school anywhere, even in one’s own country, is a process that normally requires a lot of effort in order to be successful, but going to school outside of one’s home country has additional steps that must be done correctly (such as filing a student visa application).

That’s where we come in – the experienced team of experts at AbroadEd know how to find the perfect overseas educational option that is tailor-made for your individual profile; make sure that your student visa application is filed properly; and can help you realize your dream of studying abroad (hence, our name – AbroadEd)!


Over 17 years of experience providing legal services in the global immigration market Start here!

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