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Whether your goal is to be a global leader or to simply advance in your field, each new day brings new information and updated best practices for every career. The job landscape is an ever-changing place. That’s why Conley American University has developed a unique hands-on curriculum that focuses on real-world skills. Its flexible online education is responsive to the changes in fields like technology, business, and healthcare, and it excels at preparing their students to find—and keep—the job of their dreams.

Getting a degree requires a sacrifice of time, energy, and money – whatever school you choose. Conley believes that the sacrifice should never come at the expense of your lifestyle. Conley is an online college, which means that you have 100% control over how you learn, when you learn, and what you learn. Complete a single business course or an entire degree program. Continue to work full time while learning skills you need to advance. With Conley, your campus is your computer, and you have total control over how fast you move towards your ideal professional experience.


Go Up to the End – Celebrate Your Achievement!

Believe it or not! Over half of all students who begin a college degree never finish. Often, this is because family, work, and personal responsibilities require students to choose between what’s most important and their college education.

Conley understands you can do both.

If you are one of the many students who have already begun a degree and want to complete it with Conley, they can help. If you have taken post-secondary courses or completed a previous certificate or degree program, you may be able to transfer up to 50% or more of the credits you need to complete your Conley American University undergraduate degree.

Educational Programs

Whether you’ve just graduated high school or are looking for an advanced degree to facilitate your promotion, Conley American University has the program that will propel your career forward. You can choose to study for a Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree or Doctorate Degree (PhD) and  since these quality educational programs are conducted online, you will find them both flexible and affordable.

Bachelor’s Degree Programs

Take the next step in your educational journey with an undergraduate course of study at Conley American University. The fast-paced, rigorous studies of the Conley American University Bachelor’s Degree programs are designed with your life in mind. In only half the time it takes to get a traditional brick-and-mortar college degree, you will be ready to go out into the workforce.Their counselors can help you choose a course of study that will best fit your educational needs and future plans.

Master’s Degree Programs

Many professional and business careers now require a postgraduate degree in order to attain the highest level of management and administration. Set yourself up for professional success with an advanced degree. The Conley American University Master’s Degree programs are designed to be flexible, challenging, and hands-on. Not only will you have the benefit of incorporating the most advanced practices and tools available, but you’ll do it in half the time of a traditional brick-and-mortar university experience – just one year!

Doctorate Degree Programs

Education is about experience and innovation. That’s what Conley American University believes. Those two concepts are the very fabric of the university, and are present in every element of its PhD programs. If education or research is your goal, a PhD program is the only way to land the job of your dreams. With a Doctoral Degree from Conley American University, you’ll be prepared to be a leader in your chosen field.

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