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A key reason that Canada is such a popular destination for international students and immigrants from every region of the world is that it offers students excellent educational opportunities. Canada invests a greater percentage of its Gross National Product (GNP) on education than the average for countries belonging to the OECD and the highest of any of the G-8 countries. Consequently, Canada has one the best educational systems found anywhere around the globe, as evidenced by its impressive adult literacy rate of 99% and with its students consistently attaining top scores on international assessments of science, reading and mathematics. Thus, if you want to apply for a student visa to Canada, it offers you many excellent opportunities for a top-notch overseas education!


Many people from around the world apply for a Canada student visa because this incredible country has a good reputation for having some of the leading institutions for higher learning on Earth. According to the highly-regarded 2018 QS World University Rankings of the top universities found around the globe, the University of Toronto was assessed as being the #31 best university on the planet; McGill University in Montreal (Canada’s oldest university) was ranked in 32nd place; the University of British Columbia was #51; the University of Montreal was #83; and the University of Alberta was tied for the 90th top university in the world! The prestigious Times Higher Education World University Rankings (2018) also conferred high marks upon Canadian schools, considering the University of Toronto tied for the 22nd top university on Earth; while the University of British Columbia tied for #34; McGill University was ranked #42; and McMaster University was #78 in the international rankings of the world’s best universities. In the 2018 Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), the University of Toronto was rated as the #23 top university in the world; the University of British Columbia was ranked #43; McGill University was #70; and McMaster University was tied for #86 out the thousands of universities around the globe. Although these three well-respected publications differ in their rankings of Canadian universities, what they share in common is an agreement that Canada has some of the best educational programs on Earth and this, of course, attracts many foreign nationals to study abroad in Canada!

Schools in Canada are often described as being welcoming, multicultural, cosmopolitan, innovative and safe. It is not surprising, therefore, that over 90,000 students are approved for a Canadian student visa annually to study in its world-class colleges and universities and an even larger number of students from around the globe study abroad in Canada each year to learn English and French (the two official languages in Canada). In order to be issued a Canada student visa (called a study permit in Canada), international students must be accepted to attend an officially recognized university, college or other school (a “designated learning institution”), as well as meet other criteria. As a client of AbroadEd, you can receive a personalized assessment that will inform you as to whether you are eligible to study abroad in Canada and if you qualify, our legal team can even help you properly apply for your Canadian educational program and Canada student visa!


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